Polly On the Edgware Road

Our lead artist, Polly Brannan, will be contributing to the up-coming exhibition 'On the Edgware Road' which makes public three years of research generated by the Serpentine's Edgware Road Project. The exhibition includes installations, films and performances, both at the Serpentine Gallery and at the Centre for Possible Studies, the project's home. The exhibition allows visitors to experience the findings of the artists and local partners involved in the Project and highlights future programmes that will unfold throughout the next year.

Polly has worked with the Serpentine as an artist, educator and curator for the last 8 years and has been heavily involved with the ambitious Edgware Road Project at the Serpentine Gallery and Centre for Possible Studies since it first launched. Polly will be collaborating with Jackson Lam, an independent London based designer http://jacksonlamstudio.com/ and co-founder of Hato Press http://hatopress.net/ on the production of several publications, archives, active discussions and presentations with various Edgware Road users as well as the general public. This artist led project by Polly and Jackson has been derived from CAMP'S software project 'edgwareroad com', an open publishing platform and archive for self organised local research which features in the exhibition.

'On the Edgware Road' 6-28 March 2012

Join Polly and Jackson at the free public drop in events: Possibility Archives

artwork by polly brannan
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