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As you may have noticed, Avant-Gardening has a new website that has been created by Dorian Moore of The Useful Arts Organisation. We will be adding to the content, links etc in the coming weeks but in the meantime please explore ...

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New Mobile Allotment

Lisa Cheung test drives the new Mobile Allotment unit
Lisa Cheung test drives the new Mobile Allotment unit

Avant-Gardening have a new member of the Mobile Allotment family. Artist, Lisa Cheung, has designed and built a new unit to join the existing two pieces. The new unit is a mobile, multi-functional planting unit that can easily be used by a single person and has been built for maximum flexibility. The brief for the unit was to make a piece that was fun, easy to move and had both storage and workspaces.

The new addition to the Mobile Allotment has been funded by London Borough of Greenwich and will soon be seen on the streets of the borough dispensing green wisdom and gardening tips

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